INMOTION SCV is very fun and enjoy to ride. You can move quickly at the speed of up to 15 Km/h using INMOTION R1 and R2, 18 Km/h using INMOTION V3 and 25 Km/h using INMOTION L6. It is easy to control and can stop quickly on a crowded place. You will feel comfortable throughout your journey to any place you go such as the garden, sidewalk, shopping mall, visiting friends nearby, pasar malam and other places.

INMOTION SCV can be kept in the car boot and it is great for the last mile commuting especially for those who still have a distance to travel to work or go shopping after getting out of the bus or train. It is light to carry with you while you are travelling in the bus or train.

It is also great for students to get around a big campus area in the college or university.

INMOTION SCV is the perfect transportation for people of all ages.

INMOTION SCV gives you freedom to move around quickly and can travel long distances without getting yourself tired and sweat. It is your perfect personal transporter.

INMOTION SCV is great for commercial use especially in office buildings, business campus, manufacturing site with many buildings, wide business area, treatment plant, storage facility and so on. You can travel from one end to another quickly without feeling tired and getting any sweat.

INMOTION SCV was developed to be strong and easy to move in the narrow place of office environments. It can be easily transported and fit in the car boot.

INMOTION SCV is more economical than other personal transporters on the market.

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Here are the few ways the INMOTION SCV is being used to ease the employees lives:

  • • Manufacturers use INMOTION SCV to move quickly around the large production place.
  • • Storage operators use INMOTION SCV to move from one warehouse to another.
  • • Business people use INMOTION SCV to get around quickly from meeting to meeting
  • • Companies that provide group activities such as walking tours.
  • • Sales people can reach their customers faster and get increasing sales.
  • • And any other area where employees have a wide area to go in a short time.

INMOTION SCV helps the security people especially the security guards, firemen and police officers to travel large area within shortest time.

It will increased the visibility of the officers who are working to monitor the crowd and public events.

Great for all types of security uses.

INMOTION SCV is proving itself to be the economical answer to security personnel for getting around facilities and campuses. Here are just a few examples of way the INMOTION can potentially be of service:

  • • Use by security guard in a gated housing community, condominium and so on.
  • • Use by security guard in shopping malls.
  • • Use by security guard in sports centre such as the badminton stadium, football stadium and so on.
  • • Use by the firemen to move quickly to save the victims.
  • • Use by security guard in manufacturing site.
  • • Use by security guard in colleges.
  • • Use by police for patrolling at the public events.
  • • Use by parking enforcement officers.
  • • Use by school supervisors or emergency personnel.
  • • Use by security guard in the airport.
  • • Other areas where security people need to cover an extended patrol area from one end to another quickly.