Draw-bar Handle

LEVER with robust industrial level aluminium alloy. Tested through million times of streching.

Intelligent Head/Tail Light

The Front and Back Light Switch will automatically respond to your driving direction. The light changes colour from white to red according to your driving directions.

High Foam Super Soft Leather Protective Pad

Soft, elastic and hard-wearing leather cushion to keep your legs comfortable. Anti-friction, Fully protection.

Bluetooth high quality stereo speakers

Bi-channel wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Texas Instruments. Implanted Independent Chambers with Superb Acoustic.

Bluetooth Music Smart phone Application

You can listen to your favourite music once connected your smart phone to the INMOTION V3Pro bluetooth system.

White colour touch screen LCD Display

Sliding Charging Port

Automatic sliding-closure charger hub. Plug and Play, Anti-dust, Anti-water.

Originated Touch-sensitive Switch

Absolute water-proof surface Extended Duration.

Anti-slip footboard

Footboard with Full-cover high astic rubber. Anti-slip Anti-crash.

Tribal Protection, Excellent Shock Absorption Stable and Secure battery pack

Fully protected by battery frame, insulator, outer cover. Extended Duration.

App, trace your path

You can trace the path of your INMOTION V3Pro and also check its battery life, once connected to the application.