Stylish Design

INMOTION R2 is more stylish and appealing thanks to innovative painting technology.

Assembles in Seconds

The INMOTION SCV opens a new chapter of design for sensor controlled vehicles. It only takes several seconds and one screw to assemble or take apart the INMOTION SCV.

Aircraft-grade Materials

The INMOTION body is surprisingly light and easy to carry—with a frame made from magnesium and aluminum alloy, the tough but light materials give the exterior a high-gloss look and feel.

Lightweight and Portable

Our engineers have made every effort to reduce the weight of the INMOTION SCV and material selection and structural design have been optimized for your enjoyment and safety. The rubber handle makes carrying the INMOTION SCV a breeze. With its compact design and simple assembly and breakdown, the INMOTION can be taken—and parked—almost anywhere.

Safety by Design

The eye catching design of our LED front and taillights not only looks great, but also keeps you safe when riding at night. The low noise, high power acceleration system, long-life vacuum rubber Tires and Footboard Mat all contribute to your comfortable riding experience.

Low noise

Minimal noise with high power acceleration system.

Inspiring Design

INMOTION SCV offers deftness and agility that will exceed your imagination.